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CASAPONSA: 100 years of tradition
Established in 1905 by Baudilio Casaponsa, HIJOS DE J. CASAPONSA, S.A. is a four generation family-owned business that has been producing traditional charcuterie for over 100 years.

CASAPONSA is located in Vall de Bianya, Girona―in northeast Spain, just 110 km from Barcelona―and is right in the heart of the volcanic area of La Garrotxa, a region renowned for its meat industry and dry-cured meat production.

Vall de Bianya
Our Vision is to become a leading company in the sector creating value and making a difference, evoking visual and flavour experiences through our products.

Our Mission is to manufacture and distribute high-quality cured meats and lard, aimed at the domestic and international markets offering alternatives to consumers seeking something different.

We want to continue to grow progressively, whilst building on our tradition and experience.

Commitment to quality.
Professional ethics, trust and customer loyalty.
Flexible, fast and personalized service.
Food safety
Innovation, offering customers something different.
Respect the diversity of cultures and people.
Self-criticism and constant self-improvement.
CASAPONSA specialises in charcuterie made from the finest ingredients, sourced from the highest quality butchers and abattoirs that treat and prepare the meat according to the time-honoured traditions of charcuterie. We only select the cuts of meat that meet our own rigorous quality, health and hygiene standards.

CASAPONSA produces its charcuterie meats, which include exclusive and patented recipes, at its own plant and the product is distributed through a sales network to importers, distributors and large retailers. CASAPONSA products can be found in a variety of locations including haute-cuisine restaurants, specialised stores, delicatessens, and in supermarkets and commercial chains.

CASAPONSA offers a wide range of high quality charcuterie products in an assortment of shapes and coatings. It also produces a renowned pure lard, which is widely used in the baking and pastry sector and by manufacturers of Serrano ham.

Allrestaurants - nancy - La Vall de Bianya, İSPANYA Allrestaurants - nancy - La Vall de Bianya, İSPANYA Allrestaurants - nancy - La Vall de Bianya, İSPANYA Allrestaurants - nancy - La Vall de Bianya, İSPANYA Allrestaurants - nancy - La Vall de Bianya, İSPANYA