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Dirección: Abashidze 89, Tbilisi, GEORGIA
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Situated in the bioactively diverse Western region of Georgia and nestled between the Black Sea and Caucasus Mountains, Gemuani Ltd maintains 111 ha of prosperous tea, hazelnut, and kiwifruit orchards alongside its state of the art processing plant for fruits and vegetables.

Established in 2011 in Samegrelo, Gemuani Ltd is recognized as an innovator in agricultural production and processing, earning a reputation for quality oriented, nutritionally rich, and highly prized agricultural products.

With its mission to produce healthful foods and preserve the environment, the company maintains the highest, internationally recognized, standards for food safety.

Recognizing the need for constant innovation and expansion, and a growing demand for more healthful fruits and vegetables, Gemuani has engineered and opened a state of the art freeze-drying facility with financial support from Agriculture Projects Management Agency (APMA) of Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Economics and USAID’s REAP. Freeze-Drying is an all-natural process that removes 97% of the moisture from fresh fruits and vegetables. Raw materials are deep frozen, then transferred to a freeze-drying chamber where moisture, quickly converted into gaseous form, is removed under low pressure without the influence of heat.

With this added capacity, and taking advantage of the abundant fruit supply that comes from their own plantation as well as others in the region, the company has launched Gemuani Crisps – a line of all natural, freeze-dried snacks. Made from fresh, whole fruit without additives, sweeteners or preservatives, these light, crunchy, and delicious freeze-dried fruit snacks are perfect for supermarkets, convenience stores, and other such retailers catering to healthy lifestyles.

Today, the company has FDA approval and with the support of USAID’s REAP, the company has earned a GLOBALG.A.P certificate, and has set the standard for state of the art plantation operations in Georgia. In addition, in 2018, in accordance with TÜV HELLAS (TÜV NORD) S.A procedures, it is certified that GEMUANI LTD applies Food safety management system ISO 22000:2005 for Freezing and Freeze Drying of Fruits and Vegetables.

Allrestaurants - GEMUANI - Tbilisi, GEORGIA Allrestaurants - GEMUANI - Tbilisi, GEORGIA Allrestaurants - GEMUANI - Tbilisi, GEORGIA Allrestaurants - GEMUANI - Tbilisi, GEORGIA Allrestaurants - GEMUANI - Tbilisi, GEORGIA