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1854, the year that coffee roaster Vandekerckhove was born. Today, more than 160 years later, our family business is still an established value. The light bulb has already been invented and coffee is a total experience. The fascination for the product is good with us. Louis is a 5th generation coffee roaster and Anna is not only a tea lover but also a barista. The entire coffee process, from green bean to the perfectly brewed cup of coffee, is therefore present in the house. And that house is in the wisest city in the country, Ghent.The previous generations of coffee roasters live on in the coffee blends that are still there. Espresso San Marco, Wiener Melange and Java Arabica. You can also recognize Arthur Rimbaud in our logo. The writer, born just like us in 1854, chose a life as a coffee trader in Harrar, Ethiopia after his career as a rebel poet. So it made sense that he became the face of our coffee roasting company. Melange Rimbaud, Louis tribute to the writer, has been around for ten years this year.Lovers of powerful dark coffee will find their pleasure in Les Yeux Noirs and Luigi. Two more blends developed by Louis. And they ground themselves perfectly in the third wave of coffee. A new global trend in which coffee is once again seen as a traditional product. Coffee is now put on the same qualitative line with wine and chocolate. Uncovering the unique taste characteristics of coffee receives more attention during roasting. The choice of bean based on region ensures a unique collaboration between plantation, roaster and barista. The new slow coffee brewing methods such as the Hario V60 and Chemex are also parts of the third wave.

In addition to coffee, our tea assortment has now also grown seriously. There are as many teas as there are regions, regions and growers. Add to that thousands of perfumed teas made from flowers, spice mixes or fruit and you have a new taste for every day of the year. Anna shows you the way together with Oscar Wilde. The purebred Englishman, also born in 1854, adorns the tea packaging as the perfect representative of our range.Come and visit the webshop to immerse yourself in our coffee story. Slow coffee brewing methods, bags and coffee and tea jugs are just a few things that will make you an unconditional lover of black gold.

Allrestaurants - annaaa - Gent, BELGIUM Allrestaurants - annaaa - Gent, BELGIUM Allrestaurants - annaaa - Gent, BELGIUM Allrestaurants - annaaa - Gent, BELGIUM Allrestaurants - annaaa - Gent, BELGIUM