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Sa Giang Shrimp Chips factory are formed and built in 1960 and operated continuously until the day of liberation of the Southern Viet Nam in 1975. With a capacity of 200 tons/year, Sa Giang Shrimp Chips has been renowned in the market for a long time. In 1970, the brand name of Sa Giang Shrimp Chips gained silver medals at OSAKA fair – Japan. At that time, France was the main export market and before 1975, Sa Giang Shrimp Chips brand name was already enjoyed by domestic customers.

In 8th Dec 1992, People Committee of Dong Thap decided to establish Sagiang Import Export Company as State Enterprise.

At this time, applying HACCP in processing food is very new and strange to country in generally and Sa Giang in particularly; but with strong effort, Sa Giang has applied successfully the quality management under HACCP, in order to satisfy the strict regulations of Europe about condition of food hygiene and safety to countries which want to export goods into Europe market.Currently, our technical team is constantly researching and developing new products, improve quality and designs to meet the diverse needs of customers.Execute policy of enterprise privatization, in July 2004, People’s Committee of Dong Thap Province decided officially change Sa Giang Import Export Company from state enterprise to Sa Giang Import Export Corporation. Transaction name of corporation is SAGIMEXCO. DONGTHAP. Head office located at Lot CII-3, Industrial Zone C, Sa Dec City, Dong Thap Province.Currently, in addition to Sa Giang Shrimp Chips factory 1 and 2, Sa Giang also has a Food factory and a representative office in Ho Chi Minh City. In addition, Sa Giang has organized distribution network in Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh City and several other provinces. Sa Giang also has many foreign customers in the European market, some Country in Asia, America and Africa.For past of operation and long-term development, Sagiang has become a unit which can affirm prestige of product and trade mark on domestic and international market, Sa Giang was honored with trophies and awards.

Shrimp Chips

Sa Giang Shrimp Chips have been well known in Vietnam since the 1960s. Shrimps from the fresh and sea water such as mantis shrimp, spear shrimp, white shrimp, short horned prawn, giant tiger prawn… processed through the hands of skillful workers has brought characteristic taste of Sa Giang Shrimp Chips. Currently, in addition to the traditional Shrimp Chips, Sa Giang has developed many new products such as crab crackers, fish crackers, cuttlefish crackers, vegetable crackers… to meet the diverse tastes of the consumers

Allrestaurants - SA GIANG - Sa Dec, VIETNAM Allrestaurants - SA GIANG - Sa Dec, VIETNAM Allrestaurants - SA GIANG - Sa Dec, VIETNAM Allrestaurants - SA GIANG - Sa Dec, VIETNAM Allrestaurants - SA GIANG - Sa Dec, VIETNAM