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العنوان: 26 Ag. Dimitriou Str., 173 41 Athens, يونان
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Established in 1987 in Athens, Bolero produces mainly chocolate products, such as Chocolate Bars and Chocolate covered Fruits and Nuts. The company quickly expanded operations to include the production of a range of confectionaries including Viennese Wafers, traditional Loukoumi (Turkish Delight), Sesame and Nut Bars and Cocoa Hazelnut Spread.
Bolero is mainly an export-based company and over its years of operation has succeeded in meeting the high demands of an international market. Eighty to ninety percent of its production is exported to more than fifty countries all over the world, from Europe, Africa and the Middle East to Asia, Australia and the Americas.
In 2000, Bolero transferred its base of operations to the Industrial Area of Komotini in northern Greece, and began to implement a 15 million investment plan, which was completed in 2004. The investment included a new production plant and warehouse facilities situated on 15,000m2 of land.
Company's head offices remained in Athens, capital city.
In 2007 the company reached a 20-year landmark of creative, quality output in the confectionary market. In 2005 found itself under new management and is now a part of the Haitoglou Bros. group. Bolero assumed a new identity in the industry as it grew to 150 employees.
A new cycle of investment was begun under the new management, which was directed toward growth in production capacity. Management began a modernization process of production equipment and further acquisition of land, production plants and warehouses. Today the company has 60,000m2 in land, of which 22,000m2 are enclosed plant and warehouse facilities.
Annual turnover for 2005 and 2006 reached 15 million, while projected turnover for 2007 is expected to reach 18 million.
The fully-equipped quality control lab assures the production of consistent and high standard quality levels, which meets the demanding international standards in the food industry set by the EUs International Food Standards (IFS) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).

Allrestaurants - BOLERO - Athens, يونان Allrestaurants - BOLERO - Athens, يونان Allrestaurants - BOLERO - Athens, يونان Allrestaurants - BOLERO - Athens, يونان Allrestaurants - BOLERO - Athens, يونان

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