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العنوان: Coruna Finisterre Km 34, Carballo, إسبانيا
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In 1940, in a small grocery store in Carballo, a project began that would become a symbol of quality and tradition of the canning industry in Spain: Luis Calvo Sanz opted for innovation as the best way to maintain the family business.
Innovation as a way of life
In Vigo, in 1952, the Calvo family attended what would be one of the key moments for the family business: a demonstration of a French packaging machine using molds, which inspired them to build their own. Four years later, thanks to perseverance and the constant search for improvements and innovation in work and production processes, Luis Calvo designed a revolutionary machine capable of generating 36 cans of tuna per minute, which changed the Spanish canning industry forever. Between 1964 and 1978 the company introduced two pioneering novelties in its time: the first was the 'Yellowfin' variety under the name of 'light tuna', which currently equals 75% of the tuna cans consumed in Spain. The second novelty was the launch of the first pack of three tuna cans in Europe in a round tin format. The result was a great growth of the company and the possibility of starting a year later its fleet, which today has 7 tuna vessels, 2 merchants and 2 assistance vessels.
Betting on Marketing from the beginning
In a market with more than 250 brands of canned tuna, the company focused its efforts on marketing campaigns, which were from the beginning as notorious and successful as they are today. It was in 1978 with its appearance in the television intermission of the program 'One, two, three ...' that made them make the final jump between the canning companies and increase their sales by 40%. From then on Calvo became the brand of canned tuna most recognized by Spanish consumers. Today, after 75 years of history, the Calvo Group is present in more than 70 countries, has 4,800 employees and continues to grow. A history of quality and innovation at the service of the consumer.

Allrestaurants - CALVO - Carballo, إسبانيا Allrestaurants - CALVO - Carballo, إسبانيا Allrestaurants - CALVO - Carballo, إسبانيا Allrestaurants - CALVO - Carballo, إسبانيا Allrestaurants - CALVO - Carballo, إسبانيا

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