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We are Barbara and Peter, one of the few milk-sheep breeders in Belgium. We have a herd of Belgian Milk Sheep which produces daily a large volume of fresh milk. All this milk is processed on the farm to yoghurt, ice cream, cheese, etc. Everything produced we sell ourselves at the farm and on the market. Our herd consists solely of Belgian Milk Sheep, a breed threatened with extinction. Only about one thousand of these sheep are alive in Belgium.

Our farm is located in the province of Luxembourg, in Acremont, a small village close to Bertrix, on the Lesse plateau. Once upon a time the buildings housed about hundred and fifty cows but stood empty until purchased by Peter in 1999. After training in mechanics at the Damiaan-Instituut in Aarschot, followed by a Degree in Agriculture at the Hoger Instituut der Kempen in Geel, Peter further persevered. Although without farming background, he wanted to enter farming, convinced that he needed an instantly flourishing business in order to survive. Milk processing at the farm appealed to him. After a few years of summer jobs with Swiss farmers, he decided to continue higher studies at Moudon, Switzerland, in the Ecole de Fromagerie et d’Industrie Laitière”, where he obtained his diploma of Master Cheese maker.

Having 2 degrees in his pocket, he only needed some experience in sales. Thus he became a salesman in a specialist cheese shop. This is where the idea matured of starting a farm for sheep rather than cows or goats. In the assortment of sheep cheese on display, there was scarcely any Belgian variety for sale. What a hole in the market! The first few sheep grazed on the festival grounds of Werchter before moving to Acremont in 1999.

Since then, the herd has expanded to more than 250 sheep. Peter is no longer working alone. His father has been employed as an enthusiastic salesman on the markets, while his wife Barbara also works full time on the farm. Their young children fully enjoy the space, play in the hay and are crazy about the bleat concertos of the sheep. We have our own shop, receive groups, organise courses in wool spinning. Now and then, we set up special events at the farm such as music concerts and courses in cheese making. When summer temperatures are upon us, the visitors’ hall changes into a real ice cream salon, when it’s cold you can often savour the delicious aroma of sheep cheese raclette. Birthday parties, anniversaries, family reunions, meetings; our sheep are used to all of the above and look forward to welcome you.

Allrestaurants - BERGERIE DACREMONT - Acremont, بلجيكا Allrestaurants - BERGERIE DACREMONT - Acremont, بلجيكا Allrestaurants - BERGERIE DACREMONT - Acremont, بلجيكا Allrestaurants - BERGERIE DACREMONT - Acremont, بلجيكا Allrestaurants - BERGERIE DACREMONT - Acremont, بلجيكا

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