KARMEZ (متنوع وعام)

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العنوان: 103 Sok., 16285 Bursa, تركيا
الهاتف: +902244412918 الموبايل: * الفاكس: *
الموقع الإلكتروني: http://karmez.com.tr البريد الإلكتروني: *

Karmez was founded in 1981 in Germany by the Tutuncubasi brothers from Eskisehir to produce frozen ready-made doner kebabs. Karmez sells Doner and Bread (Special Doner Pita and Tortilla) to all European countries through its own warehouses and sub-wholesalers established in Belgium, France, Italy and Spain. Family returns to the point of sale in order that the sale of the industrial working in a modern style bread and bread varieties of bakery products in Turkey was planning to establish a production facility.
Industrial-style workers in Turkey, the modern, high quality and to eliminate existing deficiencies in bread production in hygienic conditions and returns frozen abroad pita and tortilla to export by Tutuncubasi brothers in 1996 Karmez United Food Industry and Trade. Inc. It was established. Modern technology is used in the enterprise which is established in a closed area of ​​approximately 10.000 m2 at 40 km of Asphalt Ankara in Kemalpasa, Izmir. Karmez, about 250 kinds of quality and rich product range aims to be number one in Turkey.
In addition to the many hypermarkets in the domestic market, military facilities, hotels and large and small markets are sold to approximately 1600 points in İzmir and its surroundings, Mugla and its surroundings, Balıkesir and its surroundings, Bursa, Eskisehir, Afyon, Denizli, Aydin and Ankara. Sales will start in other provinces in the coming days. Among the countries where we export doner pita and tortillas, especially the European Union countries. In the production, distribution and usage stages of our products, environmentally compatible packaging materials are used for the protection of the environment and packaging wastes are collected regularly and prevented from damaging the environment.

Allrestaurants - KARMEZ - Bursa, تركيا Allrestaurants - KARMEZ - Bursa, تركيا Allrestaurants - KARMEZ - Bursa, تركيا Allrestaurants - KARMEZ - Bursa, تركيا Allrestaurants - KARMEZ - Bursa, تركيا

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